Welcome to The Cosmetic Surgical Institute in Cape Town, where I, Prof. Des Fernandes M.B.; B.Ch; F.R.C.S.E.; Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon, work.

To me, cosmetic surgery is just one aspect of dealing with ageing; I take an active and holistic approach to health in general and in particular to aging. We need to maintain a youthful active face and body on the surface as well as inside.

I believe rejuvenation from the Suture Loop Suspension technique for “Scarless” mini and full face lifts should be combined with excellent skin care and Skin Needling to regenerate youthful skin as well as treat lax skin and scars.

Since about 1990, I’ve concentrated on facial plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery only. This is because I wanted to gain a more focussed experience in order to deliver the best results I could.

I confine myself to performing only certain facial cosmetic operations that I’ve concentrated on, but I remain interested in treating all skin cancers.

The Suture Loop Suspension Technique

This is the surgery that grabbed the attention of the editors of “Insignia” magazine, and in 2009 they rated me as the 7th most important plastic surgeon in the world for introducing this technique and in 2011 I was placed in position 6.

I realised that our faces get pressed when we sleep on our side, causing damage to the delicate fibres that hold our deep facial structures in place. This started me thinking that, to completely solve the problem, I could replace the damaged fibres with synthetic fibres! I knew that if I also treated the skin with topical vitamins, I could make it smoother, more resilient and achieve a great and long-lasting rejuvenation for my patients. I have tried to refine and improve what I do all the time.

Only the tiniest slits are made into the skin so that loops can be placed in the appropriate positions to lift and hold deep tissues in their more youthful position. This can be done with simple local anaesthetic and conscious sedation. The tissues remain supported usually for very many years.

Vitamins A, C antioxidants and peptides can change skin and make it more elastic but firma and youthful.

Skin Needling

After hearing Dr Andre Camirand speak about skin needling for scars, I developed his idea further. In 1997 I pioneered the process of needling the skin in order to regenerate skin for the first time ever (as far as we know).
As a result, we can tighten skin, reduce wrinkles or all types of scars and stretch marks and this is where skin care has a major role to get the best results.

I designed the Environ Medical and Surgical Roll-CIT, and subsequently, many companies around the world have copied it, even claiming that they invented the idea and the device!

Dr. Des Fernandes